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The downtown business owners in Yellow Springs have joined together to make an appeal to you during this unprecedented crisis. Whether we were completely shut down, or able to continue as an essential business, we have all been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Staffing challenges, reduced capacity and revenue, and additional safety measures are proving a challenge to our already narrow margins. Finding our way to a new normal has necessitated us revisiting and revamping our business models from the ground up to find creative ways to ensure our survival.

Our personal and business expenses have remained steady or increased, while our incomes have evaporated through no fault of our own. The only aid available is more debt. With the looming uncertainty, we are not planning on seeing any growth in 2020, that growth will be necessary to satisfy the additional loan obligations, so many of us are reluctant to take on additional debt.


Throughout it all, we have demonstrated our resilience and determination by coming together in the spirit of Yellow Springs to share resources, knowledge, information, and support. We are heavily invested in this village, our businesses, and the physical buildings that have housed our dreams. Uplift Yellow Springs has grown out of this vision.


Your support will help to ensure the future of the soul of our community – our downtown business district. Please consider investing in our future. Thank you!

Please click a logo below to make a quick, easy, and secure donation to your favorite business through the Yellow Springs Community Foundation. From funds raised, 80% will go to the business and 10% will go to COVID19 YSDC Business Emergency Relief Fund and 10% to a newly created Business Rainy Day Endowment Fund both held by the YSCF.

And remember you can continue to support our local community any time of year by volunteering your time, and through YSCF’s Give for Today, Plan for Tomorrow campaign.

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